At LFC, the team are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure our customers are satisfied. As a brand, we continue to strive for excellence and maintain our highly reputable reputation. From a fledgling company in 2018 to now managing over £50 million pounds daily, we welcome all new clients. LFC – fix the past, guarantee the future.

Our Team

Satty Dub

Founder MD

Nazim Ali

Managing Partner

Fozia Hussain

Compliance Officer

Mark Hamlyn

Legal Cashier Supervisor

Khushi Giga

Administrative Assistant

Our History

Legal Financial Controllers (LFC) was founded by our MD, Satbinder (Satty) Dub, in 2018 to provide experienced, quality and highly skilled legal cashiers to lawyers who were struggling to navigate their stressful world of legally compliant bookkeeping.

Satty was joined by Reena Popat in 2018 as a director to provide legal insight, knowledge of the industry and in-house legal expertise. Between them both, they created and defined what growing law firms require to provide cost effective all-inclusive packages for their clients.

Having worked for over 20 years as a legal cashier, managing migrations for large law firms and implementing new practice management software to help firms increase their turnover, we understand the value of working with any legal software packages.


To ensure all clients pass SRA compliance every year


All our clients getting a good night’s sleep


Focus, perseverance, having a laugh, streamlining everything, always delivering

Moving made easy: If you would like to switch bookkeepers, change accountants, receive training or simply want a chat to find out more please feel free to contact us:

WE ARE Certified LEAP, Xero, Practice Evolve partners AND Members of ILFM