We specialise in helping firms master any legal software training.

We are proud to have helped over 100 firms with their LEAP and Xero integration.


  • Experts in the LEAP and Xero integration
  • We explain how Xero integrates with LEAP
  • Add all your business bank accounts in one place.
  • Get Xero to do the work, we connect your bank to Xero so xero talks to your bank.
  • Setting your chart of accounts – so things get allocated to the correct places.
  • Making tax digital set up
  • File your bank statements and reconciliations in Xero for Ease of access and cloud base
  • Cash Coding – Allocate transactions seamlessly using innovation.
  • Reconciliation of your office accounts and claiming back the correct VAT your business is owed.
  • Producing your profit and loss and balance sheet
  • Setting re-occurring transactions – to streamline your day-to-day expenditure
  • We help firms ensure they are compliant with Lexcell rules and regulations. As Lexcell requires firms to add budgets for their expenses, all firms must do this? Need our help?

We help firms enhance their profitability and fee earner performance. For more information about our Management Training Programme, please contact us at info@lfclegal.com

We help firms with training on Legal Aid, Cashflow Forecasting, Budget Implementation, and Reducing Expenses. For more information on how we can help, please contact us at info@lfclegal.com

We provide our clients with opportunities to navigate through tailored, easy to follow training.

All our employees are considerate of your needs and willing to help you in a professional manner.

We offer a range of extensive training, with many of our clients opting for this to be delivered over a course of weeks rather than in one huge block.

“Most helpful with my LEAP and Xero training, very thorough step by step training and follow up making sure I completely understood. I would highly recommend!”

Kelly Brine 
Kelly Brine

“More than helpful in helping us to navigate around Xero. He is patient and very knowledgable. Highly recommended!”

Bridget Giltinane 
Bridget Giltinane

“Provided invaluable training and advice on Xero and also many aspects of LEAP.”

Martin O'Donohue 
Martin O'Donohue

“The training was very clear and spread over weeks rather than all in one go which we found helpful.”

Amanda Pearson 
Amanda Pearson

You made our training so easy to follow in manageable sessions and definitely went beyond our expectations.

Harvinder Sehra Justin Law Solicitors
Harvinder Sehra

TRAINING made easy: If you would like to receive training please feel free to contact us:

WE ARE Certified LEAP, Xero, Practice Evolve partners AND Members of ILFM